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“This school is a blessing to our family”

RMA has been an amazing blessing to our family!! When I heard about RMA from a friend I decided to schedule a visit. I knew the first moment I met the staff and toured the facility that this was the best place for my son. My son has learned so much in the time he has been at RMA and continues to grow every day because of the caring and dedicated staff.

- Cristy L. , Green Bay, WI

“We made the jump from in-home daycare to schooling! ”

We have been more than impressed with the Toddler program & our entire experience at RMA. We made the jump from an in-home daycare to the school and although it took a couple weeks for our son to adjust, he’s now beyond excited to get out of the car, put his backpack on and walk in on his own. Everyone at the school is great and have made us feel welcome from the time we inquired. It’s pretty impressive walking through the school and teachers that don’t have your child in their class know him by name. The things he has learned so far is more than we could have asked for, we love the communication we receive with/from the owner, staff & teachers and are so glad to be a part of the school! - Christy & Nate P. , Green Bay, WI

“Thank you for creating such an amazing learning environment ”

I wanted to reach out to you and share with you our experience so far at RMA. Our daughter (20 months) started at the east side campus two weeks ago in Ms. Woelfel's toddler classroom. My husband and I have truly been amazed with how well she has transitioned from her in-home sitter to RMA and we cannot say enough about how wonderful the staff has been during this transition. Ms. Woelfel has taken the extra time to make her feel comfortable and safe each morning at drop off. Towards the end of last week, she was walking into the room all by herself with a smile on her face! This is comforting feeling as a parent to see your child do this independently without hesitation. Although she cannot verbalize her experiences with us yet, her actions tell us that she is enjoying her days at school. We have already seen her do some amazing things and I know it is because of the exceptional teaching and peer modeling she is experiencing.

Natalie Merhalski has also been extremely helpful with the transition as well. I was that anxious, crazy parent the first few days and Natalie was so willing to take my calls and share with me details of our daughters days when I would checked in. Natalie is always so warm and welcoming when we check in and out. She is an excellent addition to your RMA staff!

Thank you again creating such an amazing learning environment at RMA together with your staff. We are truly impressed and look forward to watching our daughter grow! - Meghan V. , Green Bay, WI

“Thanks so much for all you do! ”

My daughters started RMA this summer after I read through the descriptions of the fun camps scheduled for each week. I was concerned that they would have a hard time adjusting or fitting in since they hadn’t been at RMA in the past, but I was entirely wrong! They were welcomed with open arms the teachers learned their names right away (even teachers that weren’t assigned to my daughters) and they instantly loved it! As an added bonus, I signed my girls up for swim lessons and my 5 year old daughter, who would NEVER put her head under water, came home after her THIRD lesson telling me that she was sitting on the bottom of the pool with her head totally under the water! Our summer experience was so fantastic, that, although we intended to send our 5 year old to 5K in the public school, we are opting to send both our daughters back to RMA in fall!
Thanks so much for all you do!

- Katrina L. , Green Bay, WI

“Our son truly loves going to school!”

Deciding to enroll our son at RMA has been one of the best decisions we have made as parents. We have been with RMA since the first day they opened their doors and they have continued to impress. The administration and staff provide a warm, loving, and joyful environment while also putting a strong focus on academics and the Montessori curriculum.  It has been our experience that every member of the RMA staff is there because they want to be. It is not just a job for these teachers, they love what they do, they are exceptional at what they do, and that is visible on a daily basis. It is evident in our son that his experience each day is a positive one. Our son truly loves going to school at RMA and as his parents we could not be happier!

- Lisa & Chris K. , De Pere, WI

“My son is learning so much I couldn't be happier”

Our son just loves being at school! I mean seriously LOVES IT! He got excited when I told him he was going to see Ms. Nessbaum on Monday…started smiling and clapping his hands!! He is learning so much and I couldn’t be happier with everything! Truly! Knowing he is in an environment that he loves and seeing him excel is something that makes my heart happy :)  Thank you so much for all you do for him!
- Melissa & Jared S. , De Pere, WI

“We are SO thankful for RMA”

We are so thankful for RMA! We moved to the area from Minneapolis in August and were searching for a Montessori option for preschool – RMA was perfect!  Each and every day our son is excited to go to school.  He loves his teacher, he loves the environment and he is immensely proud of what he accomplishes each day.  He is challenged academically and the growth we see in him continues to amaze us.  The team at this school understands how to keep the kids engaged while making learning fun. It is truly the perfect blend. The administration, teachers and staff are beyond excellent and we are very confident in our choice to send our son to this school.  When it’s time, our youngest son will definitely be attending RMA for preschool as well! 

- Drew & Stephanie B. , Green Bay, WI

“We love everything about Royal”

This school is beyond amazing!! The owner and the teachers really go above and beyond the expectations of making parents and their little ones feel comfortable and assured that this school is a safe place for them to be. We love everything about Royal!

- Amber & Brett N. , Green Bay, WI

“This school has exceeded all of my expectations”

This school has exceeded all of my expectations! I am so thankful there is an option for a Montessori education in our community that is a place my child loves attending. The owner and staff are wonderful, caring and enthusiastic about teaching each child in a positive environment. I highly recommend!

- Doug & Staci R. , Green Bay, WI

“Thank you for the amazing education you provide my grandchildren”

Tara & Staff

Thank you and your amazing staff for the education and care you provide my wonderful Grandchildren. They are my life and so very precious to me each and every one of them. They are all unique in their own way and think every single day how God has blessed me. If I would have only known Grandchildren were that awesome I would have had them first.

God Bless & have a wonderful summer!

- Grandma Jean , Green Bay

“Dedicated & Attentive Staff ”

This school is absolutely amazing! I can't even begin to share the quick and positive changes I've seen in my son since he started. It's all due to the dedicated and attentive staff for treating him as an individual and providing wonderful opportunities. Thank you! - Krista L. , Green Bay, WI

“What an amazing first year for RMA”

As I sit here and write out the cards for the kids teachers I can not help but be so thankful for what an amazing place you have created. Thank you again for everything this year and I can not wait until next school year! We look forward to be one of the crazy families with three kids at RMA!!! What an amazing first year for RMA!!
- Kayla G. , Green Bay, WI

“If you want the BEST for your child, send them to RMA”

If you want the BEST for your child, send them to RMA! Upon touring, we knew instantly that our daughter HAD to get enrolled. The environment alone blew us away! Everything was so well thought-out and planned. From the bright inviting colors and individual lockers, to the different “work areas” set-up specifically to inspire, engage and nurture creativity and independence. Along with the exceptional classrooms, come the extraordinary teachers.
The teachers at RMA are one in a million. I’ve never met a more compassionate, genuine, and energetic group of teachers. They all work so wonderfully together as a TEAM with the same ultimate goal, to help our children reach their full potential in all areas of life. Our daughter has been over-the-moon about her new found skills and knowledge. She’s always so excited to tell us all about the new things she’s learned at school. We’re extremely grateful to be part of the RMA family! - Kristel & Tim V. , Little Suamico, WI

“I can't believe two years is up already”

I can’t believe two years is up already. I still remember somewhat reluctantly taking the tour with Mrs. James in August 2014 at the advice of friends only to have been instantly won over to the point where Kara and I decided in the car ride home we needed to get M&K in there. Sometimes hasty decisions are not the right ones, but in this case it most definitely was. During M&K’s two years in Royal, we had the opportunity to work with many of the different teachers from Radue/James to start, with Devroy/Kaufman last summer and of course Thorn/Besaw for the last year and half (not to mention Trasti/Ling/Lazcano and the host of other teachers that helped in the rooms or after school). The reason that I mention that is because everyone that we encountered has the same amazing attitude towards the children. I don’t always have that attitude towards my children and they are MY children. I’ve walked into class to pick M&K up on certain days and just shake my head thinking I could never do what these teachers do and keep that positive attitude.

But it isn’t just the attitude of the teachers that speaks to why I’m so impressed with Royal, it is the amount of growth that we’ve seen in M&K, both educationally and socially. This is also directly attributed to the teachers since during the week they are with M&K more than we are. In September 2014 we dropped off two three year olds who were not yet potty trained and who definitely did not want to be away from home and us. Today I’ll pick up two five-year-old little people who at times I think prefer the teachers and classmates to us. The things that come out of M&K’s mouths continue to delight Kara and I (most of the time) as we tend to be shocked at what they know and what they are able to figure out. We love the fact that both M&K really seem to like the idea of learning as that continues at home with them adding, spelling and reading things, even when we aren’t expecting them to. We had expected to see some growth in all these areas, but the growth we’ve seen has been exceptional.

With all that being said, we’d like to thank you for everything that you’ve done for M&K in terms of teaching, nurturing, etc. (I really could have included every person there that has interacted with M&K on this email, but that was too many). M&K were provided with an experience at Royal that went above and beyond our expectations. It really is bittersweet that today is their last day at Royal. While we are excited to see where M&K go from here, there is definitely some sadness that what has worked so well at Royal over the past two years for M&K is coming to an end. - Matt & Kara K. , Green Bay, WI